What will the e-learning trends be in 2016?

German Flag elearning trends 2016A nice article was recently published on the German blog CHECK.point-elearning, in which Christian Wachter of IMC AG , predicts the e-learning trends of 2016.

Wachter identifies important five trends, from Gamification to On-the-job-training. I’ve made a short English summary of Wachter’s description of each trend.

Trend 1: Gamification

Wachter states that Gamification will become more important in 2016, because more and more educators are embracing this concept and are trying to make it part of their work and products.

Trend 2: Content meets Context

The second trend Wachter identifies is the growing importance of the individual needs when it comes to learning. The personal preferences of the learner will  become leading in what content Learning Management Systems will offer him and how and when it will.  The LMS of the future will know how to help the learner, by knowing what the context is in which the learning activities take place.

Trend 3: Predictive Analytics

The importance of analyzing Big Data in the context of learning will grow, because it can be effectively used to strengthen learning activities and identify blind spots.

Trend 4: User Generated Content

Employees as authors of learning content is another trend Wachter sees. In a time that content changes fast, and becomes more personal to each individual learner, user generated content is becoming more dominant and more valuable in organizations.

Trend 5: On-the-Job-Training

“When it’s possible and useful, On-the-Job-training activities will be focused on products or services only. This will not only bring a better internalization of relevant learning content of the product, but also on matters related to it, for example compliance rules. Just think of the production of medical devices, for example”. In a well-designed learning scenario, it is possible, for example, to allow learners access to a diagnostic device only when the necessary certification was detected in the LMS.

You can read the whole German article here.


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